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Able Community Development is dedicated to enriching the lives of community members in the West Contra Costa County area. Our volunteer staff works extra hard all year long in order to keep things interesting at Able Community Development! There are a variety of programs and activities available for people of all ages to engage in, and we’re happy to offer our community a wide range of options for them to enjoy.

Asian Senior Health and Wellness Project

Asian seniors Covid 19 Testing and vaccination in West Contra Costa County.

The Able Community Development received a grant support from the City of Richmond to start the Asian senior health and wellness program locate at 1963 Carlson Blvd, Richmond, CA 94804 in 2019.
The program is working with the Contra Costa County Department of Aging and Health Department to assist the Asian seniors to access to Covid 19 testing, vaccination and boosters to stay healthy  and accessing to other health services provided by the County Health Services.
The Project assisted 48 Asian seniors to get the Covid 19 vaccination and boosters. 
The Asian seniors also enroll in the senior food program where they receive meals delivered to their home.

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Covid 19 pandemic in Asian community

Asian seniors and their family members getting the Covid 19 vaccination and boosters from Country Health Department's mobile clinic.

In the past 2 years, we have been working with over 100 Asian seniors to access to the Covid 19 tastings, vaccinations, and boosters. We closely work with the Contra Costa County Health Dept.'s mobile clinic to go to their temples, churches, and apartment complexes to make it easy for the seniors and their family members to get the services. It worked out successfully.

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 Youth  Enrichment Project 

The Youth Enrichment Project is an after school activities which include the tutoring services for the individual  youth who may face some academic issues in  his or her school. The project provides one on one tutoring assistance to help him or her improve their grades. The project is a part of the community school program at DeJean middle school in the city of Richmond and Helm middle school in the city of San Pablo.

The project also has the arts and cultures for them to explore and learn their own cultures. The project also work with the parents to improve their parenting skills.

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Family Violence Education and Prevention Project

The ABL Community Development Foundation in partnership with the Contra Costa Family Justice Center has a Parent Matter Project to train 40 Asian parents on the  Parent Matter curriculum developed  by the CDC in youth dating violence Prevention.

Stop and prevent the family violence 

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Stop the Hate Project


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